Your Guide to Hereditary Hair Loss Treatment For Men

Hi everyone ! If you are visiting my blog then you are probably looking for the best ways to cure hair loss.  I know a lot about this subject, because I suffer from hair loss.  The purpose behind this blog is to organize all that information you find online into a nice post for men only.  Let’s start … There are 3 major ways to control hair loss:

1.Work on the scalp directly

2.Work on testosterone

3.Increase blood flow

We will talk in that last section briefly about hair transplants and accepting baldness.


1. Working On the Scalp: The chemical that is used to control hair loss is minoxidil , it takes many names such as Rogaine.  You probably heard of Rogaine before, what you do is apply it to the scalp 2 times a day and it will keep your hairline intact and probably induce hair growth in bald spots. Most people benefit on Rogaine, but in rare cases it doesn’t work.  Its disadvantages are that you have to leave it on your scalp for 4 hours; it will take 3 months to show results; and if you stop using it your hair will fall out again.  Stickiness and bad smell can be a disadvantage that you can overcome by buying a more pricy version of Rogaine that leaves very little trace.  Some people experience side effects such as redness of itchiness of the scalp.

Liquid Rogaine
Liquid Rogaine


2. Working on Testosterone Levels: The chemical that controls hair loss at the testosterone level is DHT blockers, it takes many names such as Propecia. The idea here is that testosterone will produce a chemical called DHT that will stick to the origin of the hair and suffocate it.  Propecia and other similar medicine will stop that process.  You have to take a pill daily to maintain your hair and cause hair gain. Since it works on the hormone level this method is more legitimate than Rogaine, but it does have way more side effects.  Propecia can cause dizziness, and a small decrease in sexual desire, it is very dangerous to pregnant women and should not be touched by them because it may have serious side effects on the baby.  Like Rogaine, hair loss is most likely to resume if you stop using Propecia.  But on the positive side, taking a small pill once a day is way easier than leaving Rogaine on your scalp for hours.




**A Combination of Both**

There are some products that mix Minoxidil with small doses of DHT Blockers, these products can prove to be effective, but are generally a bit pricier than Rogaine. A product I use is Lipogaine for Men  Lipogaine for Men on Amazon The best thing to do when buying a hair care product online is to check the comments and ratings.

Progress Pictures in reversing male pattern baldness


3.Increasing the Blood Flow to the Scalp: This can be done by Low Level Laser Therapy, which is basically using lasers to stimulate blood flow to the scalp and maintain hair. This can be done in many ways such as laser combs; which is the least effective way, since it mainly gives more density to the hair you already have and doesn’t produce more hair or cause significant hair growth.  A better way is going to a clinic that specializes in laser therapy, you will undergo a series of 25 minute session that are completely pain free. Low level hair therapy is the least invasive way to treat hair loss and doesn’t have side effects, but it is also the least effective way, and like Rogaine and Propecia it may need follow up.

  Now let’s talk about hair transplants: basically hair transplants is when you take the good hair that is located on the back of your head and never falls out and you put it onto bald spots. Transplants are permanent and they wont fall off, but the rest of you hair, the one that isn’t from the good hair may fall off as time passes, so you will need to replace it with some good hair from the back of your head again. After undergoing the procedure you will see little red dots where the hair was transplanted so it is noticeable.  Also transplants are costly.

  Accepting Baldness :  The choice that many people take and is for sure the cheaper choice ! Baldness can be considered as a sign of manliness because it is caused by high testosterone levels, and it is very common if you look on the street.  Many guys take pride in their shiny head.  And since hair loss is hereditary, some guys take comfort from seeing their uncles bald too. If you decide to go bald just remember that Bruce Willis is bald too.

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis