Am I going bald? Find out with 3 easy steps

Yes, I know the panic!!

You look at the bathtub after taking a good shower and notice lots of hair, you quickly look at yourself in the mirror and think, OMG there is less hair on the sides!!!!!

What am I going to do?

First of all, take a deep breath.



You don’t need to start thinking about cures for hair loss, or imagining what you would look like without hair, what you are going to do is make sure that you really are suffering from male pattern baldness with 3 easy ways.



  1. Is anyone related to you bald? and I am not talking about your brother-in-law, I’m talking about blood relatives, for example your father or your uncles. If they are not showing symptoms of male pattern baldness you are probably in the clear.


Oh no, my uncle on my Mom’s side is bald, why did my Dad marry a woman that has a bald brother? Doesn’t he care about his children? What to do now?



  1. Hairs in the tub or on your pillow are not an indication of male pattern baldness.  Each hair has a growth cycle, meaning that it falls off and then grows back, what is different with male pattern baldness is that the growth cycle stops, so finding hair does not mean you are going bald because everyone loses their hair.


  1. Is my hair line progressively receding?  Chances are you are not going to wake up one day and find yourself bald; you are going to notice a receding hair line over a period of time.  Therefore, if you are just noticing your hair line receding it does not mean that you are going bald.  Give it some time, and monitor yourself.


Yep, I’m balding 😦

Are you sure? If you are, don’t give up, there are numerous cures for hair loss.  You can find them carefully laid out in another blog post here.

If you are not sure, bookmark this page, and read about the cures after you monitor yourself.


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